Electronic Direct Drive Lockstitch Button Holer


Less sewing troubles with a new hook, enhancing the sewing finishes.
Comfortable sewing and high energy saving have been realized with
a new original motor and control box developed in-house.

  • Less sewing troubles with the new designed hook
  • Double cutting function while sewing leads to higher productivity
  • Shorter thread cutting (2,5mm)
  • IoT applicable

Typical Application

  • Woven articles such as shirts, blouses,
    work clothes and ladies’ attire




Anwendungsbereich Schneiderlänge Maximale Nähbreite Maximale Knopflochlänge Höhe des Nähfußes Maximale Nähgeschwindigkeit
Webwaren, Wirkwaren 4–32 mm 6 mm 40 mm 13 mm 4.000 Stiche/min