GT-3 Series - 1

Brother GT-361


Expand your business to include printing on darks with this modular garment and T-shirt printer with CMYK and 2 white print heads. Excellent for design checks and short print runs. Features Brother industrial print heads, allowing for up to 1200dpi printing for museum quality results. Convenient up to 16 x 18 print area for shirt backs, towels or other promotional items. Enjoy faster data download speeds with Ethernet/LAN connectivity. Or print directly from your USB flash drive (flash drive not included). Convenient, built in user interface - no RIP required, Our new front loading ink cartridge system provides more compact footprint.

  • 6 print heads (expandable to 8)
  • CMYK and white ink printing
  • Up to 1200dpi printing
  • USB memory stick compatibility
  • USB 2.0 or LAN/Ethernet Connectivity
  • Front-loading ink cartridge system
  • Compact size for greater versatility in
    many work environments, including storefront
  • Simple user interface - No RIP required
  • Includes GraffixPro Studio® T-Shirt Design
    Software with purchase.
  • Inks certified by Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, Class I
  • Print on shoes with Brother GT-361
  • VAPS Camera System enables you to precisely place artwork


Printing Method Direct Inkjet Garment Printer
Max printing area Standard: 14" x 16" (Platen included); Maximum 16" x 18" (requires update)
Platen Height Adjust Standard (0 - 12mm); optional (13-25 mm)
Machine size L x W x H 53." x 41.1" x 26"
Machine Weight 245 lbs.
Ink Type Water based pigment ink
Ink Color CMYK + 2 White
Ink volume 180cc CMYK standard ink cartridges/ 380cc CMYK high yield ink cartridges / 380cc White high yield ink cartridges
Number of Print Heads 6 (expandable to 8)
Print Head Type On demand piezo head
Print Head Resolution 600 dpi; 1200 dpi
Print Mode Single or double for CMYK; Underbase and highlight for white
Printed Substrate 100% cotton; 50/50% cotton/polyester blends
Operating system requirements Windows® 8 (32/64 bit), Windows® 7 (32/64 bit), Windows Vista® (32/64 bit), Latest Windows® XP (32 bit)
Environment Printing: 64°F (18°C) to 86°F (30°C); Relative Humidity: 45 - 85% RH (no condensation)
Print Driver Windows® print driver direct interface - No RIP required
Power consumption 0.4A (Average)
Ink Cure Heat press or conveyor oven/dryer
Power supply AC 100V - 240V, 50/60Hz +/- 1 Hz
USB Flash Memory Under 32GB, FAT32 formatted
Pre-Treatment Manual or automatic when using white ink
Recommended PC Applications Adobe® Photoshop®, Adobe® Photoshop® Elements (for bitmap editing), Adobe® Illustrator®, CorelDraw® (for vector data editing), Corel® PaintShop™ Pro
Standard Interfaces USB 2.0 (AB Type) (cable included);LAN/Ethernet (cable not included)

Optional Accessories

Ink Cartridges/Consumables

BGC3000C1811002 180cc Cyan Ink Replacement Cartridge
180cc Cyan Ink Replacement Cartridge for GT-3 Series Garment Printers

BGC3000C3811002 380cc Cyan Ink Replacement Cartridge
380cc Cyan Ink Replacement Cartridge for GT-3 Series Garment Printers

BGC3000K1810002 180cc Black Ink Replacement Cartridge
180cc Black Ink Replacement Cartridge for GT-3 Series Garment Printers

BGC3000K3810002 380cc Black Ink Replacement Cartridge
380cc Black Ink Replacement Cartridge for GT-3 Series Garment Printers

BGC3000M1810002 180cc Magenta Ink Replacement Cartridge
180cc Magenta Ink Replacement Cartridge for GT-3 Series Garment Printers

BGC3000M3811002 380cc Magenta Ink Replacement Cartridge
380cc Magenta Ink Replacement Cartridge for GT-3 Series Garment Printers

BGC3000P5K10002 5K Condensed Pretreat Solution
5K Condensed Pretreat Solution
NOT for GT-341

BGC3000P2010002 20K Condensed Pretreat Solution
20K Condensed Pretreat Solution
NOT for GT-341

BGC3000W3811022 380cc White Ink Replacement Cartridges (2/pk)
380cc White Ink for GT-3 Series. 2 per pack. Cleaning supplies included (GT-361/GT381 models only)

BGC3000Y1810002 180cc Yellow Ink Replacement Cartridge
180cc Yellow Ink Replacement Cartridge for GT-3 Series Garment Printers

BGC3000Y3810002 380cc Yellow Ink Replacement Cartridge
380cc Yellow Ink Replacement Cartridge for GT-3 Series Garment Printers

BGC5000S5K10002 Maintenance Solution Tank (5L)
Maintenance Solution Tank (5L) for GT-3 Series (GT-361/GT-381) One Solution for Clean & Maintenance


Touchdown Complete Platen Kit

Touchdown Basic Platen Kit

Wrap around Platen Insert Only   (Requires the Touchdown Platen)

Oversized Platen Insert (406,4mm x 457,2mm)   (Requires Mounting Kit & T-Base)

Cap Platen   (Includes two risers and one spacer)

Sleeve Platen (101,6mm x 406,4mm)
Pocket Platen (152,4mm x 88,9mm)       

Youth Platen (254mm x 304,8mm)       

Baby Platen (177,8mm x 203,2mm)

Shoe Platen Complete Kit   (Includes all three Shoe Platen Inserts and One Mounting Kit)

Shoe Platen Basic Kit   (No Mounting Kit. Sold to customers already with a Tochdown Platen)

Gripper Kit „Adult Platen“

Gripper Kit „Youth Platen“

Gripper Kit „Oversized Platen“

GT Alignment Tool

Cleaning Kits

 Wiper Cleaner Assembly for GT-3

Wiper Cleaner Assembly for GT-3 (Cassette only no gloves or liquid)

Wiper Cleaner, Clean Stick, Flushing Sponge, Flushing Felt, Fan Filter, CR Felt, Gloves, Clean Applicator, Wash Liquid

Clean Stick, Flushing Sponge, Flushing Felt, Fan Filter, CR Felt

Optional Software

Digital Factory Apparel Brother Edition

T-Shirt and Apparel Printing Software

Easy to use with spectacular color reproduction
Digital Factory Apparel Brother™ Edition helps you get the absolute best out of your direct to garment printer.

Virtually Unlimited Workflow Support
Whether it’s “one-off” custom, or higher volume production, Digital Factory Apparel Brother™ Edition provides an intuitive, easy to manage interface that adapts to your unique workflows.

Seamless interface with design applications
No need to worry about the issues involved with exporting and importing files.
Digital Factory Apparel Brother™ Edition uses “send to”  
technology direct from your favorite design applications.

Complete, centralized job management
Digital Factory Apparel Brother™ Edition Features Visual Production Manager™, a simple, easy to use interface that manages multiple queues and multiple printers simultaneously.

Spectacular Color Reproduction and Production Tools
Digital Factory Apparel Brother™ Edition’s high-fidelity color management engine provides vibrant, color-accurate printing on white, colored and black fabrics of virtually all types.

CMYK and RGB File Color Support
A wide range of process colors and true photographic-quality image printing. Conversion of color spaces (RGB to CMYK) can create unwanted color shifts. Since most apparel printers work with CMYK, Digital Factory Apparel Brother™ Edition is able to provide sought-after color results.

Industry-leading white ink management
Proper use of white ink is essential to printing images onto black or dark colored fabrics. Digital Factory Apparel Brother™ Edition’s advanced use of layer technology automatically creates an underbase layer that can be sent to a production queue directly from a design application.

Unmatched integration of  fabric color into design
Digital Factory Apparel Brother™ Edition includes “KnockMeOut” plug-ins that easily remove unwanted color backgrounds so that designs literally “blend” into the fabric.
Alternatively, preset queues can automatically detect and remove black within a design allowing the black fabric to show through, saving ink and enhancing the finished product.

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