Single Needle Direct Drive Needle Feed Lock Stitcher with Thread Trimmer


Further-evolved, clean direct-drive lock stitchers. Adding the needle
feed type to the lineup, the machines provide quality sewing for a
wide range of applications.

  • Good response, comfortable sewing
  • Clean sewing without oil staining
  • User-friendly operation panel
  • Comfortable operation with low
    noise and vibration
  • Easy maintenance
  • Economical models with low


  • The needle feed mechanism prevents
    uneven material feeding.

Typical Applications

  • Slippery materials (Sportswear, rain wear)
  • Different materials (Waist lining sewing of
    skirt and slacks)
  • Overlapping parts (Stitching of jeans)
  • Lengthy articles (Curtain, quilt cover)
  • Sewing requiring quality (Placket stitchingof polo shirt)
  • Materials difficult to feed (Coat etc. Quilting / fleece)

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Sewing speed Max. stitch length Needle bar stroke
4,000rpm – 5,000rpm 4,5mm – 5,5mm 29mm – 35mm